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Connect your store to Cloudtxt and collect new subscribers right from your store Shopify store check out. Learn more
Get your own phone number to send and receive messages. Want to send faster? Apply for shortcode. Learn more
Acquire new customers with your own unique popups. Create, customize and display popups on any page of your store. Learn more
Divide customers into segments based on their time zone, orders or pageviews to send more personalized campaigns. Learn more
You can send automated message sequences triggered by customer actions. Customize your flows, add messages and delays and track the statistics. Learn more
You can send different messages to a selected group of subscribers and follow them up, based on the clicks and purchases. Learn more
Monitor and analyze how the messages perform based on the wide range of statistical metrics: clicks, orders, conversion. Learn more
Select a plan that matches your sending volumes: pick a number of credits to spend per month, upgrade or downgrade any time. Learn more


Our app allows you to send marketing campaigns and message sequences, attract new customers with popups and track wide range of statistic metrics.
Integrating a Shopify store is not required, but it will give you access to a much wider range of features and much more personal approach to your customers.
The number of messages is unlimited and only depends on the subscription plan you pick. Send small campaigns for a few hundred people or large ones for almost a million! Want to send quicker? Apply for short code.
We offer a range of methods to attract new subscribers: use customized pop ups, connect your own form with API keys, import customers from your Shopify store and more.
The costs depend on the type of message: you can send a simple text message or an MMS with an image or GIF. Check out our subscription plans and see which number of credits will suit your needs best.

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